Mini Trip | Puerto Rico


I fell in love about two weeks ago with the beautiful island of Puerto Rico! The beaches were breathtaking, the views of the mountains and scenery were astounding, and the people were extremely friendly. I had an amazing experience exploring the cities of San Juan and Dorado with my family – I loved every single minute of it. Truthfully Puerto Rico reminded me of Jamaica, the same fruits (apples, mangoes, sugar cane, nesberry, guinep, June plum, hog plum, and star apple); just for that alone, I might have to hop on a flight there every weekend. The local food was delish, my favorite was tostadas de ropa vieja (fried green plantains topped with shredded beef) – so flavorful. My family and I emersed in the culture by touring Old San Juan which had some beautiful landmarks including Castillo San Felipe. We explored the town eating freshly made churros, sipping on frozen fruit drinks, and taking in the awe of some incredible artwork. If I had more time I would have visited the rainforest, but at least that gives me a reason to go back!

Here are some of the snaps from my trip:



Just because I’m the queen of facts. Here are five random facts about Puerto Rico:

1. One year after the Puerto Rico was discovered, Christopher Columbus named it San      Juan Bautista after John the Baptist.

2. Basketball, volleyball, and boxing are the most popular sports in Puerto Rico.

3. In Puerto Rico, it is very well-mannered to kiss someone on the cheek when greeting them. During your conversation, it is also appropriate to stand very close to the person who you are talking to.

4. Bomba, Plena and Trova music can be heard throughout the streets of Puerto Rico during parties and celebrations. Merengue music and dancing are also popular.

5. The U.S. changed its name to Porto Rico in 1898. It was changed again to Puerto Rico in 1931.

Day One Outfit

IMG_297142330IMG_2970IMG_2957IMG_2958IMG_2954Swimwear: Bikini Top (Boutique in Miami)

Shorts: Express

Day Two Outfit

IMG_2952IMG_2967Top: H&M







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