Summer Fashion Trend: Jumpsuits

Jumpsuit season is upon us and I’m loving it! If you don’t want to wear a dress, but still want to remain dressy, jumpsuits are my go to option. A lot of business women are opting for this classy style in the office since they are a perfect transition from day to night. Throw on a jacket or a cardigan during the day, then take it off for happy hour or date night; a perfect and easy transition. Although some consider jumpsuits for fall/winter fashion; designers have been making jumpsuits for spring/summer season by using lighter, breathable fabrics such as polyester. Considered as a functional one-piece garment, jumpsuits weren’t always considered as being classy or glamorous. Jumpsuits began as a garment that skydivers, professional drivers, and mechanics would wear – definitely wasn’t considered as a fashion statement and worn mostly by men.

IMG_1609file-1IMG_1608History of Jumpsuits

The first appearance of the jumpsuit can be traced back to the roaring twenties when Italian artist Thayat and a Russian artist Alexander Rodchenko tried to craft up designs to make the jumpsuit fashionable; great idea, but the world wasn’t ready for it as yet. It wasn’t until the end of the 1930’s when Elsa Schiaparelli created the first high-fashion jumpsuit which was inspired by the upcoming war. Her jumpsuits were made from green silk and featured large pockets in the front, however due to the war fabrics were switched from silk to cotton and were instead worn by women as they began to work in place of their husbands fighting overseas.

Finally in the 1960’s designers such as Yves Saint-Laurent, Norma Kamali, and Irene Galitzine brought the jumpsuit back to life with high-end clients such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Onassis, and Aubrey Hepburn. The jumpsuit then became popular with artists such as Elvis, Mick Jagger, and David Bowie – it also became a big hit during the disco era. Now, the jumpsuit is here to stay with designers such as Stella McCarthy, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Trina Turk, Michael Kors, Badgley Mischka, and more sending these looks down their runways almost every season. It’s safe to say that jumpsuits are here to stay – thank goodness!

Outfit Details

Image (1)

Jumpsuit: Boutique in NYC

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Cardigan: EXPRESS

Jewelry: Aldo’s


Usually, I would opt for a pair of black heels to rock with a black and white outfit, but since it’s spring I went with a more neutral color to lighten up the look and feel of the overall look. I didn’t want to over accessorize since the jumpsuit has a lot of lines (a little distracting), so I went with a pearl charm like bracelet, hoop earrings, and a tiered silver necklace to pull off this outfit. I opted for wavy hair to give off a flirty vibe, plus wavy hair is perfect for spring/summer season.

Image-1 (1)


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