Chelle’s Favorite Outfits 16′

Since I’m about to be another year older (literally in 3 hours),  I figured it would be the perfect time to feature some of my best looks from this past year! Looking back at my style over the course of the past few years, black still is definitely my go to color. Black has a certain class and elegance, which will always remain in style. This year I explored with a little bit more color, incorporated a lot of patterns, and mixed a few textured pieces together to create a few unique looks. I would say right now I’m comfortable with my style mainly because I know what works for my body and I know my style profile – I love simple, which a splash of elegance – preferably in black. For this upcoming year, I’ll keep trying to find other opportunities to mix more colorful pieces into my wardrobe while staying true to my style. Take a peep at some of my favorite looks as selected by my readers – looking forward to see how my style transforms in this upcoming year. As I always say, “another day, another outfit”!



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