Black Widow Glamour

Hands down, this is one of my favorite ensembles! There is nothing better than an all black outfit with sheer inserts to make a girl feel glamorous, in control, and powerful; which is why I’m calling this special outfit, “Black Widow”, after the infamous female spider.

img_2214I received a ton of compliments in this outfit. It was surprising to see that a lot of people (men included) upon first glance thought this was a dress, but indeed it is two pieces. The top is made with pure sheer fabric and features a quilted mock neck with a zipper down the center. The skirt which was inspired by the 1950’s trend has a beautiful sheer insert detail to help show off those thighs, eight beautiful pleats, and completed with a high waist. I love the twist Express put on this classic skirt by inputting the sheer fabric in the perfect spot at the bottom; it truly makes it one of a kind. Right now, a lot of designers are incorporating sheer inserts into athletic wear such as yoga pants, shorts, and leggings to give more of a sex appeal to everyday styles. Victoria Secret, Nasty Gal, ASOS, and Express are just a few of the retailers who are now carrying these styles in their stores.

A Little Piece of History

img_2176Chiffon and organza were very popular fabrics in the 1950’s which were featured a lot in women’s evening wear. These textiles helped to achieve the fullness seen in skirts with draping which gave an elegant, sophisticated look. In the 1980’s trends dependent on the celebrities of that time including Madonna. Due to her love for lace and sheer pieces, the popularity for see-through garments rose to new heights. In the late 2000’s this seductive trend made a comeback expanding to athletic wear and other everyday pieces.



Skirt: EXPRESS Shoes: TOP SHOP Top: Unknown (Gift) 





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