#TeamNicholson: Baby Shower

This weekend I was honored to be in Columbus, OH for a beautiful baby shower to celebrate Amanda and Brandon Nicholson’s little bundle of joy, a precious baby boy! Their charming home was filled with lots of love, laughter, and warmth from family and friends who were as ecstatic as I was (and still am) to celebrate one of the most loving, God fearing, and kind-hearted couples I know, on their new arrival (coming soon December 2016).


Football was the theme with the following hashtag assigned #TeamNicholson, the decor matched and there were cookies not only in the shape of footballs, but decorated with “YSU” (Youngstown University) where the parents to be met 10 years ago.


The beaming parents were wearing football jersey’s with their respective new titles “Mom” and “Dad”, while their family members wore shirts with nicknames, sayings, and titles such as “Aunt Squad” or “God Sister”.


I was extremely grateful to be apart of my Manda Panda’s special day and while this is her first time being a mother – she has always been so loving and caring to those in her life including me, so I know she’ll be an amazing mother. Congratulations again Amanda and Brandon, we all can’t wait to meet your wonderful new blessing in December!





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