Wedding Season: Dress to Impress

I love wedding season! It’s the one excuse I have to put on a pretty dress with matching accessories (including my nails) and be fancy for the day. Almost like prom for grownups except the king and queen are the bride and groom; fruit punch is switched out for champagne, wine, and beer and you can dance the night away with no curfew. My absolute favorite parts of a wedding is seeing the look on the groom’s face when his soon to be wife is walking down the aisle; you can see it in his eyes how lucky he is truly is to have found the one. Second favorite? The vows because I’m truly a romantic at heart and love to hear beautiful words that are said straight from the heart.

Rustic wedding bouquet

feet of bride and groom, wedding shoes (soft focus).

I was lucky enough to score an invite to Kelli and Ben’s wedding in Columbus, OH last weekend; it was absolutely perfect and I was ecstatic that they finally tied the knot! Everything from the décor, the barn, and of course the bride herself, were beautiful.


The dress search for this wedding was a little difficult, I wanted to wear black (my favorite color), but my cousins fought me on this decision and clearly they won. So, I opted for a soft pink lace dress with sheer insert for a very romantic, elegant look. The shoes, it was even harder to find the perfect nude heels, but when it came down to the wire; I found a pair that couldn’t have been more perfect. My hair, since the dress had a romantic look and feel; I went with cascading curls and a mini braid. Finally, to top off my look; I went with rose gold bangles, earrings, rings, and a metallic gold clutch (not pictured).




Congratulations again, to the happy couple! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness!

Express: Lace Fit & Flare Dress


Dillard’s: Quin Braided Dress Sandals by Antonio Melani


Macys: Accessories (Couldn’t find my exact selection online; so I did some substitutions).



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