Brighten It Up: Spring Office Wardrobe


Spring is in the air! Unfortunately, no matter how nice the weather may be outside, we still have to work. So, instead of feeling down, bring the freshness and brightness of spring inside the office! This can be done by adding a pop of color to your work wardrobe. Not a fan of bright colors, just start by introducing some color slowly and work it into your style. Wear some colorful bracelets or earrings, then when you feel comfortable swap out your neutral color top for a pink or sky blue number. If color isn’t your thing when it comes to bottoms, I understand. Instead, mix it up by opting for bottoms (pants and skirts) with patterns. My go-to are fitted pants with black and white patterns which make an easy pairing for your colorful spring tops. Trust me, the office will be buzzing about how radiant you look in your new spring inspired office look!

Retailers such as J.Crew, Banana Republic, and Express offer an array of office appropriate tops,  now available in a variation of this season’s most popular colors. My hands down favorite are the Portofino shirts available at Express, the hardest part is choosing one of out the 91 options (consists of patterns, colors, sleeve length, and fit) they carry. Either way, you’ll be able to pair these easily with any bottoms you choose.

Outfit details





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