Weekend Style Inspiration: Grunge

My go-to weekend style consists of taking it back to the late 80’s with a grunge inspired look. If you love being comfortable, rocking somewhat messy hair, and a flannel shirt then this look is for you! Grunge hails all the way from the late 80’s going into the early 90’s when bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Alice in Chains stepped on the scene. Inspired by the grunge music scene, Seattle is known as the official birthplace of grunge.


The ultimate grunge style is basically that “I don’t care look”, which consist of keeping up an unkempt appearance with messy hair. Makes sense? If not turn to music icons who embodied this look from head to toe such as Kurt Cobain and my favorite, Courtney Love.  Ripped jeans, oversized sweaters, combat boots, band tees (such as Nirvana), flannel shirts, bracelets, and a beanie are the keys to achieving this look. Once you have any combination of these pieces, it’s all about layering from here on out.It’s simple to rock this look, a lot of stores such as Forever 21, Express, Wet Seal, and H&M all carry the essential pieces to pull this style off without breaking the bank. Although, it’s best to get your pieces from a thrift store, mall-based retailers are just fine.


Now, let’s forward to 2016 and talk about my look. Instead of opting for ripped tights or jeans, I chose a flirty fit and flare dress, an oversized flannel shirt, tan heeled booties, and a lot of jewelry. I capped this look off with a faded burgundy lip and lightly tousled hair.


It’s important to remember when selecting your pieces to choose colors that are neutral or dark. Here are the pieces to duplicate my grunge inspired look:



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