Multiple Ways to Rock Your Favorite Piece!

If you’re anything like me you love to find different ways to rock some of your favorite pieces. After all, you don’t buy a top just to wear it once, do you? One of my favorite hobbies is to find different ways that I  can mix and match some of my most cherished pieces to make brand new outfits. For instance, I wanted to find several options to pair with this fringe tank; I decided to opt for black leggings for a casual outing, ripped denim for a mid-afternoon date, and a colored full midi skirt to create a more dressy ensemble.I also went ahead and paired each outfit with different shoes (gladiator heels, suede laced booties, and leather wedged ankle boots). You can even take it a step further by pairing each outfit with different accessories. As you can see, there are many ways to pair that favorite item you love with different tops, bottoms, and/or accessories; just take a look in your closet! So, take a break from the mall and shop around in your closet, you’ll be amazed by all the various ways you can mix and match your most beloved pieces with what you already own!

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